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2015 Annual General Meeting

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Delegates to the Murray Darling Association 71st Annual General Meeting held in Barooga in September 2015 considered a range of motions. Members resolved to undertake actions and advocate on issues of regional and Basin-wide significance. 

Below is a list of the motions that were considered, actions arising following the meeting, and responses received. Full details of the annuual general meeting are recorded in the Agenda and Minutes.

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Acceptance of attendees register

Carried   Register of attendees accepted
1.2 Acceptance of apologies Carried   Apologies accepted
2.1 Adoption of 70th Annual General Meeting minutes  Carried 70th AGM Minutes Minutes confirmed
3.1 Voting rights Carried


Constitution amended
4.1 Adoption of 2014-15 Annual Report Carried 2014-15 Annual Report  
4.2 Adoption of 2014-15 Financial Report Carried

2014-15 Annual Report

4.3 Appointment of auditor Carried    
5.1 Legislation for 1500GLcap on buybacks Carried


5.2 Flexibility for the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder in water trade Carried




5.3 It's in the Balance: Delivering on the triple bottom line Carried Submission to the Senate Select Committee on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan  
5.4 Constraints Carried


5.5 Water re-bundling Carried





National Water Plan

Laid on the table

Note: It had been proposed that the Murray Darling Association support the development of a national water plan. Broad support was acknowledged for the intention of this action. The mover and seconder of the motion then proposed that more work be done at the regional level to develop the concept in order to give greater weight to the objective

5.7 Water Impacted Communities Alliance Carried


5.8 National Road Signage Lost Note: An alternate proposal was discussed, and generally agreed, although was not put to the vote: "That the Murray Darling Association negotiates directly with the MDBA to consider the merits of a joint project to have appropriate signage and branding to identify the Murray Darling Basin for the purposes of public interest and education."  
5.9 Opposition to granting of coal mine license Lost

Note: Summary of arguments for the motion

  • Councils want to protect prime agricultural lands.
  • Need to maintain a sustainable basin. 
  •  Protection of water assets.
  • If a coal mine can be approved on the Liverpool plains, can occur anywhere.
  • Mining licences have been granted in the past, only to find the assessments were not vigorous enough.
  • Oversees mines have had devastating impacts on water resources.

Summary of arguments against the motion 

  • Recognition that the project is not actually on the Liverpool Plains, but near to.
  • Media reporting appears to have been not entirely accurate.
  • Important that decisions are made based on accurate, local knowledge.
  • The project has passed State and Federal EIA and other approval processes .
  • Any formal opposition to the project needs to be based in evidence and lodged in the appropriate way.
  • Many councils support mines in their local areas, as they provide economic stimulous and diversity of employment.
  • It is a risk for the MDA to oppose the project without full knowledge of the risks and merits.
  • Local, state and federal authorities have assessed the risk and merits.
  • Opposition to the motion is consistent with the MDA’s policy on Unconventional Gas extractions
5.10 Protection of food producing, farming and agriculture lands Carried