76th AGM Resolutions

2020 Annual General Meeting Resolutions Tracker



Delegates to the Murray Darling Association 75th Annual General Meeting held in Shepparton in September 2020 considered a range of motions. Members resolved to undertake actions and advocate on issues of regional and Basin-wide significance. 

Below is a list of the motions that were considered, actions arising following the meeting, and responses received. Full details of the annual general meeting are recorded in the Minutes.






Item Motion Status Correspondence/notes Responses
3 Previous Minutes Carried 2020 AGM Minutes  
4 2020 Reports be accepted  Carried 2019-20 Annual Report  
5.1 Ammendment to MDA Constitution Carried    
5.2 Agricultural & Agribusiness Plan for the MDB Carried    
5.3 Buybacks and the 450GL Carried    
5.4 Carbon Neutral Farming Incentives Carried    
5.5 Centre for Excellence carried    
5.6 Coalition of Peaks Carried    
5.7 Consistent Metering and monitoring by Inspector General Carried    
5.8 Definition of Basin Governments Carried    
5.9 Development Downstream of the Choke Carried    
5.10 Drought Management Plan Carried    
5.11 Investment in Barrages Carried    
5.12 Report on Recommendations Carried    
5.13 SDLAM Projects Carried    
5.14 Water Infrastructure Plan Carried    
5.15 Water Infrastructure Working Group Carried    
5.16 Water Literacy Carried    
5.17 Water Trading System Carried    
5.18 Name Change to Murray-Darling Local Government Association Carried