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Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Strategic Plan 2016-2019 


Annual Reports

The Murray Darling Association makes our Annual Reports available to the public.

If you would like a hard copy, please contact the office. A PDF version can be downloaded below. 

2021/22 Annual Report - PDF

2020/21 Annual Report - PDF

2019/20 Annual Report - PDF

2018/19 Annual Report - PDF

2017/18 Annual Report - PDF

2016/17 Annual Report - PDF

2015/16 Annual Report - PDF

2014/15 Annual Report - PDF

2013/14 Annual Report - PDF


Delegate's Reports

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Other Reports

Submission to the Draft Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Heritage Management Plan 2021

Submission to NSW Select Committee on Floodplain Harvesting August 2021

Submission to National Water Reform inquiry March 2021

Submission to PC Inquiry  Register of Foreign-owned Water Entitlements

Submission to ACCC Murray- Darling Basin water markets inquiry - interim report 

Submission to Assessment of take and protection during first flush flows in the Northern Basin

Submission to Social and Economic Assessment Panel Draft Report

MDA Position on Water Market Conduct and Reform

Submission to the Social and Economic Assessment Panel 

Submission to the ACCC Murray- Darling Basin Water Markets Inquiry

Submission to the Review of the Murray-Darling Basin Joint Governance Arrangements

Submission to the Murray-Darling Basin Water Infrastructure Program

Submission to the Productivity Commission Murray-Darling Basin Plan: Five-year assessment - Draft report

Submission to the South Australian Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Murray-Daring Basin

Submission to the South Australian Royal Commission of Inquirt into the Murray Darling Basin - Region 7

Submission to the Productivity Commission's Basin Plan Inquiry 

Submission to the NSW Government's Water Reform Action Plan 

Agreement on ‘socio-economic neutrality’ key to Basin Plan success: report to members

Submission to the Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy's Inquiry into the Management and Use of Environmental Water 

Murray-Darling Basin Plan Socio-Economic Impacts Evaluation Framework and Neutrality Test project proposal - March 2018

2017 Submission to the Basin Plan Amendments proposed by the Murray Darling Basin Authority (Macquarie - Castlereagh)

Murray-Darling Basin Plan Impacts Evaluation Framework Project Proposal August 2016 - PDF

Submission to the Victorian Parliament's Inquiry into the Management, Use and Governance of Environmental Water - PDF

Appearance at the Senate Public Hearing on the social, economic and environmental impacts of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan on Regional Communities - PDF (Hansard) 

Submission to the Select Committee on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan 2015 - PDF

Report on the Social and Economic Impacts of the Basin Plan Local Government Data Collection Project 2015 - PDF

Submission to the 2014 Review of the Water Act 2007 - PDF


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