2021 National Conference & AGM

Wentworth Civic Centre (formerly Wentworth Services Club)
Cnr Darling Street & Silver City Highway
Wentworth, NSW(AUS) 2648

Following the adversity of droughts, fires and Covid-19 we know that the towns, regions and countries to emerge quickest and strongest are those with innovative, connected local leadership.

It’s no surprise then that local government and the communities of the Murray Darling Basin are well placed to adapt and forge ahead in 2021 - and beyond. Basin councils have, after all, spent years building connections across catchments and communities.

With our rivers, our borders and even our attitudes increasingly fragmented, clever councils recognise the importance of innovation to restore and build connectivity.

Connectivity of communities is essential to our people. In the same way, a healthy river system must have connectivity of flows. There is no future on a dry system.

The MDA’s 77th National Conference & AGM is your opportunity to be part of the solution – to join the conversation, to inform future policy, and to engage with the innovators, scientists, educators and leaders of our time.

Join us in Wentworth, where the mighty rivers connect; where local, technical and political leaders will come together to tackle the big issues of the Basin and forge a future of connected councils and catchments.



A complimentary shuttle service will be provided for MDA 2021 National Conference delegates flying to Mildura and Wentworth airport. If you would like to use the complimentary shuttle bus service, please email admin@mda.asn.au with the following information:

  • Name and number of people registering for complimentary shuttle bus service
  • Date and time of your arrival
  • Date and time of your departure


The following papers will be available on or before 3 May 2021: