MDA welcomes Lower Lakes Independent Science Review

28 May 2020
MDA welcomes Lower Lakes Independent Science Review

The Murray Darling Association (MDA) welcomes the Lower Lakes Independent Science Review and acknowledges that its findings affirm a consistency in the scientific assumptions underpinning the Basin Plan.

These findings should build confidence across the Basin that the hard work and reforms our communities have navigated to date are based on sound and consistent science.

We support the statements from MDBA Chief Executive Phillip Glyde, about the need to leave behind any debate on the freshwater history of the Lower Lakes and to refocus our efforts on adapting to the challenges of changing water availability, changing weather patterns, changing technologies and changes to our farming and land management practices to create a heathy vibrant future for Basin communities.

The MDA acknowledges the challenge ahead of reduced inflows and we recognise that this will mean greater challenges for all. 

The MDA is developing a framework for our communities to be climate ready. This pathway must consider not just the environmental values of the region but also the social, economic, and cultural values.

Local communities and traditional owners must be involved at the centre of this process. The findings of the Lower Lakes Independent Science Review also reaffirm that agricultural communities throughout the whole Basin, including ours, will need ongoing assistance to adapt to a warmer, dryer climate. State and Federal Governments must work in partnership with industry to invest in R&D to help the agricultural sector adjust to a hotter, drier, more variable climate. Agricultural productivity for the future and a healthy river system must go hand in hand.

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