Moira to Mildura - Constraints


Connecting Catchments and Communities - Constraints workshop Moira to Mildura was held in Euston on Tuesday 30th July 2019. This information session was attended by community and industry leaders, government and councils. It dived into the important issues of constraints, regional growth and water markets.

Experts, authorities and stakeholders presented information from a range of unique persectives highlighting operational and ecological management strategies, and the environmental, economic and social interconnectedness of our Basin regions.

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Jonathan O'Dea MP

The Office of the Ho Niall Blair MLC

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Hosts                     Cr Dennis Patterson: City of Greater Shepparton – MDA Chair R2

                               Cr Trevor Jolliffe: Balranald Shire Council

Facilitator              Emma Bradbury | MDA Chief Executive Officer

Session 1:  Constraints - What are they and how are they managed?


Murray Darling Basin Authority

Leah Ross | Constraints Measures Program & SDL Adjustment Mechanism (Contractor)

Commonwealth Environmental Water Office

     Hilton Taylor | Assistant Secretary

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Constraints measures program



Constraints - What are they and how are they managed?

Session 2:  Barmah Choke – asset or impediment?

Murray Darling Basin Authority

Joseph Davis |Senior Director River Murray Operations

Department of Primary Industries

     Iain Ellis |Fisheries Manager, Murray-Darling Unit 

Independent Wildlife Biologist

     Ian Davidson   

NSW Dept of Planning, Industry and Environment

     Paul Childs | Snr Environmental Water Management Officer (Murray Lower Darling)


Challenges for meeting water demand in the River Murray System



Fish, flows and constraints


What's the problem with the Barmah Chaoke?


Barmah Choke - asset or impediment


Session 3 - Regional growth and the Water Markets

Managing the risks and opportunities: Regional growth and Delivery Shortfall

Almond Board Australia

     Ross Skinner – Chief Executive Officer

Ruralco Water

     Lewis Campbell – Water Broker

Dept Environment, Land, Water and Planning

     Joe Banks | Sr Manager Retail Water Entitlements & Markets | Water Resource Strategy

NSW Natural Resource Access Regulator

Graeme White | Director Regional Water Regulation (West – Murray Darling) 


Regional growth and water markets


Water markets




Water markets update - Victoria



Further information and helpful links

Assessment of social and economic conditions in the Basin.

Schemes or Dreams - Water for the Future (2010)