Region 8 - Murray Darling Association

Region Chair: Northern Areas Council


Committee Contact:
Delegate: Cr Denis Clark


Phone: 0408 148 725





Cr Denis Clarke Cr Denis Clarke

Council of Region 8:

Councils that are hyperlinked in the list below are current financial members of the Murray Darling Association. Remaining Councils are encouraged to participate and join as a member. For more information on becoming a member please visit our Membership page.


Adelaide Plains Council

Barossa Council

District Council of Barunga West

Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council

District Council of the Copper Coast

Regional Council of Goyder

Light Regional Council

District Council of Mount Remarkable

Northern Areas Council

District Council of Orroroo Carrieton

District Council of Peterborough

Port Augusta City Council

Port Pirie Regional Council

Wakefield Regional Council 

Whyalla City Council

District Council of Yorke Peninsula






Regional meetings are held quarterly in various locations in the region. These meetings are an opportunity for councils and other members to access and contribute important information on the management of the Murray-Darling Basin resources, and issues affecting local communities. The resolutions and minutes of these meetings provide the imprimatur for our regions’ engagement and advocacy across the Basin.

Please visit our calendar for future meetings.

Agendas, minutes, documents and presentations are available for download below.

Meeting Type


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Ordinary meeting

Friday 12 July 2019



Ordinary Meeting

Friday 22 May 2015




For more information on becoming a member please visit our Membership page.