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A gap was noticed in water industry training pertaining to the topic of water conservation and the importance of the River Murray. The MDA developed a WaterWise project intended to bridge this gap and reduce water consumption by schools and industries.

The Aim of WaterWise projects are:

  • Reduce the demand on River Murray water in the River Murray Urban Users region and to contribute to the regions long-term sustainability.
  • Include information on water conservation and the importance of the River Murray in training relating to water use, including refresher courses.
  • Promote and provide educational awareness on water consumption to industry.



Unley High School

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The Unley High School Environment Committee organised for a rainwater tank to be installed. The water from this 24 000 litre Rainwater tank is pumped into the Sports For All Centre for use in all toilets, showers and hand basins. A tap also provides for water in the Native Garden.

Water savings reduce our dependence on mains water and hence reduce our reliance on water from the Murray. Data collected on water savings is used in the curriculum. Students in the Unley High School Environment Group carried out site works and Sustainable Focus coordinated installation. The Environment Group fund raised costs for the project, supported by sponsorship from WaterWise, an Education Department Environmental Sustainable Development grant and grants from the Mitcham and Unley Councils.


Natural State Nursery

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The installation of 2 rainwater tanks, both with a combined capacity of 49, 000 litres were aimed at minimising mains water use when the tanks were full. The water are being used for water supply in the nursery and surrounding gardens. Anticipated future outcomes include: installing water saving devices on taps to reduces water flow, as well as installing gauges on the tanks to determine rainwater supply levels.

For more information go to: www.naturalstate.com.au


Botanic Integrated Therapies

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This is the rainwater tank being delivered. In this building water efficiency has been substantially improved and all indoor water requirements are supplied by rainwater for much of the year.

WaterWise has developed a series of information sheets on water conservation, these can be downloaded from the Publications page.





For further information on the WaterWise project, please contact:

Murray Darling Association

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Mail: PO Box 1268 Echuca Vic 3564

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